Doctor, Counselor, Cleaner, Chef, Chauffeur, Therapist, Teacher...You do it ALL plus some MORE!...There really isn't anything you can't do!

Who else does so much and gets paid so little?

Ever say to yourself:

  • "They're growing SO FAST!"
  • "I wish I had more time with them."

  • "Why do I spend most of my salary on child care costs for someone else to raise my babies?"

  • or "I love being a SAHM but just wish I could contribute financially to my family's finances without compromising my time with my children."

Wish you could get paid to stay home

and make memories with your own children?

Hi! I'm Sarah, the founder of Nature Nest, and I'm here to tell you that


I started Nature Nest from my home in 2015 just after the birth of my daughter, Anayah. Taking all my past experience as a child care center director, former teacher, and a health coach, I designed the perfect program to bring balance to our family life while earning a respectable income. And now, I'm on a mission to train and coach other moms to do the same. Here's a peak at what a Nature Nest program can look like in your home.

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