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We're so glad you've chosen The Nature Nest for your child's first education experience!
To begin the registration process, please fill out and submit the application.


Next up, you'll need to download the enrollment paperwork to review and sign. Have the medical paperwork completed by the doctor and returned to us via email to, via fax to 862-444-2188, or in person during your child's transition visits.


Lastly, to confirm registration and secure a space for your child, please submit the Registration Fee and Security Deposit.

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Day Care


Before the first day, we encourage families to schedule at least 2-3 transition visits or play dates. Transition visits/play dates are when the child spends some time at Nature Nest accompanied by his/her parent/guardian, playing, exploring...getting acquainted with the other children, the caregivers, and the space. The goal is to create a positive memory here in this space with your child.

Each transition visit/play date should last about an hour--just long enough to have a good time, but not too long to overwhelm. By spending time here and playing together with their child, the parents/guardians send the message to the child that this is a safe space which the parent/guardian enjoys and trusts. After transition visits, once the child begins care on their first day, they will already have had a pleasant memory of playing with their parent/guardian at Nature Nest.

To schedule your transition visits/play dates, please head on over to the Book Online section of the website and select New Student Orientation.



During transition visits/play dates, families can expect to take part in our activities of the day such as circle time, outdoor play, snack or name a few. Your child may or may not take interest in what the rest of the class is doing and that is fine. There is no pressure to join in. Remember transition visits/play dates are simply an opportunity for you to play with and bond with your child here in this make a pleasant memory. But just in case you would like to have an idea for what our typical day is like, please refer to our daily rhythm page or click here for a printable copy.


There is no need to bring anything for your transition visits/play dates other than perhaps a snack for your child. 

There are a few items and supplies that you'll need to bring in for the first day, however. Most families prefer to bring in these items on the last transition visit so as to make the first official day easier with a lighter load. 

Please refer to our Welcome Letter for a list of supplies needed. If you should need to purchase any of these items, please consider purchasing through the links provided. These are affiliate links for which a small amount goes to the school to help offset some of our costs or fund projects.

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